Developer! Developer! Developer! East Anglia

DDD East Anglia

Cambridge, UK
Saturday 22 September 2018


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08:30 Registration. Breakfast sponsored by
09:00 Welcome & Housekeeping
09:15 Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core 2. Why and How?
Don Wibier
Hunting Typosquatters with F#
Chester Burbidge
Docker for the complete beginner (Hands on workshop)
Paul McGrath & Paula Muldoon
Less server, less code, less hassle an introduction to Serverless
Adam Surgenor
10:15 Break. Refreshments sponsored by
10:35 Saving the world with IoT
Tomasz Bartoszewski
Functional C#
Simon Painter
MediatR - bridging the gap between your SPA and your backend
Russell Seamer
Cognitive Services Extravaganza!
Gosia Borzecka
11:35 Break
11:55 HTTP API patterns
Toby Henderson
Domain Modelling in F#
Ian Russell
Who Will Test The Tests?
Oli Wennell
Why you should consider Web Assembly in your next frontend project
Håkan Silfvernagel
12:55 Lunch sponsored by
Grok talks
14:00 #FAIL - Lessons from infosec incidents
Robin Minto
SAFE Stack: Functional web programming in .Net
Anthony Brown
Let's talk HTTP
Steve Gordon
Azure In Action - CosmosDB, Functions and ServiceBus in Perfect Harmony
Joel Hammond-Turner
15:00 Break
15:20 Automating your test infrastructure with Kubernetes
Joe Stead
Diving into Functional Programming - Beyond the Basics
Ashic Mahtab
Reasonable software
Ian Johnson
Sports Betting: How I made 500 Quid During Royal Ascot And What That Can Teach You About Machine Learning
Gary Short
16:20 Break
16:30 Wrap-up
17:00 Close