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Cambridge, UK
Saturday 22 September 2018

Håkan Silfvernagel Håkan Silfvernagel

Hi, my name is Håkan Silfvernagel. I have 19 years’ experience of software development in various positions such as developer, tester, architect, project manager, scrum master, practice manager and team lead. I currently work as a consultant at Miles. Before becoming a consultant I have previously worked as a researcher within the field of human computer interaction in the process industry with a focus on process automation and robotics.

I have a broad educational background with a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, a master's degree in Behavioral Science and I am currently finishing a master's degree in Emotion Psychology. During my psychology studies I came across the field of affective computing which combines psychology with computer science. Taking into account the focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning of today I believe it is important to take the human factor into account and try to make our systems adapt to the way we function as humans.

I am also part of the local chapter of the Norwegian .NET User Group Oslo (NNUG).

In 2018 I have given (or will give) the following talks: