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Cambridge, UK
Saturday 22 September 2018

Azure In Action - CosmosDB, Functions and ServiceBus in Perfect Harmony

There's so many parts to Azure, it's sometimes hard to decide what to use and when.

Do I use TableStore or CosmosDB? Would BlobStore be better? Should I host a full-fat .Net service in a VM, or stand up an ASP.Net Core WebApi? What about functions? The choices are myriad.

In this talk I'll describe how at Landmark we made these kind of decisions as we implemented some new features in our product. I'll talk about the questions you need to ask to make those decisions, where we went wrong, and how we succeeded in the end.

I'll describe in detail how we used CosmosDB, Azure Functions and Service Bus together to provide a Compliance Audit trail feature that would scale properly, work reliably, be trivial to use, and that wouldn't break the bank.